February 16, 2011

Coming or Going?

You know it's funny how a whole day can revolve around one topic from so many different angles. Today's motif was jobs, losing jobs, interviewing for jobs, and waiting to hear about a job. 


A prayer for my brother: I pray that they hire you, I hope you can come back home to be closer to all of us. You deserve better because you are better. They don't deserve you where you're at now. You've worked your tail off for little to no recognition. It's time to stop driving that same old drive, it's time to stop seeing those same old townies, it's time to come home Please God, send my brother home. 


Before my current job I was a Technical Writer for GE Intelligent Platforms. I was a contracted Technical Writer so my job status was always on the verge of employed or unemployed. Seriously, I walked into work daily wondering if I would be packing up all my belongings, so I got out before they could ask me to leave. 

Today I learned that 12, yes 12, of my past coworkers were laid off today and they weren't even contractors and they're positions were far more important than mine ever was. They were engineers and designers, they were the brightest of the bright. 

I just want to send up a prayer, via blog, that each and everyone of them realizes that losing a job doesn't mean you lose your pride, it has no merit on your character. This happens to all of us. I pray that your family is supportive, that you can still put food on the table, and pay the bills, I pray that you will find something to supplement your income as soon as possible and I hope that this layoff is more of a blessing than a curse. 


Padre, I love you!


  1. i know that you left your job of technical writing, but would you mind possibly sharing some different aspects of your old job on here. I'll possibly be technically writing this summer and I don't know much about it! I'd greatly appreciate your insight. Also, technical writing is probably not my thing either in the way of life choice. Creative and fictional writing is more my thing!

  2. Well I'm still a technical writer in my current job and mostly what I do is make the engineers look good. They provide me with a write up of the project and then I make it look pretty. I organize their work, I ensure there is flow, and my main focus is the audience, does is make sense, will they understand? So remember these two things, make them (who you're working with) look good and most importantly always keep your audience in mind. Also I'm so with you, "creative and fictional writing is more my thing."

  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate knowing these two things. I felt as though I was going into this entire thing blind-folded!