February 14, 2011

Crafty, Of Course...Not!

I've decided Sundays are my days off from writing, unless I'm inspired or need to jot something down before I forget it. Everyone needs a day off...or two.

So on my day off from writing, I decided I needed to pursue another type of creative outlet and I thought crafts would be a good idea. We loaded up the baby, picked up my mom and all headed to Michael's. Riley was bored out of his mind, Maria was getting sleepy, and my mom wanted to get back home to finish cleaning, I on the other hand was in arts and crafts heaven. I decided I was going to make Maria's birthday Thank You cards, so I found the dollar bin, bought white ink, green envelopes, coordinating ribbon, and a pretty thank you stamp. As soon as the baby was asleep and Riley was busy playing Black ops I set up shop. I laid everything out to start making my cards, well suddenly I had met writer's block evil sister, crafter's block.

How was I going to make this work, how was I going to make all the elements join up to create something beautiful!? Well I decided to just jump in, (a tactic I often use in writing) I just started stamping and then I found my rhythm. I created 8 cards, all different but coordinating and it was so fun. I thought I had done a great job. Well that was at 11:30pm last night, today at 11:30am they don't look so great. They look so elementary, so preschool, so much so, I believe my 2 year old would have done a better job. So I've come to the conclusion that maybe I'm not as crafty as I thought, or maybe, just maybe I didn't have the right tools, yeah let's blame the tools, after all they were from the dollar bin!

I think I'm going to stick to writing for the time being, maybe I'm not great at it but that's what they have editors for right?

Hmmm, who edits your arts and crafts, the poor souls who receive them as gifts?  

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