May 19, 2011

This Blog

Is less about my writing endeavor and more about my life in general. I'm finding that I'm more motivated to write about myself (who isn't) than about made up worlds with made up people. I think I'm better off writing about the things I know and that's my life. I've decided to start a new blog with a URL and title more fitting of the current theme, something more me. So here's to a revamp, a whole new blog (not really because the content will be the same). So if you follow my blog regularly please stay tuned and as soon as I create my new blog I will let you all know. So for now things are the same but things, they ara changin!! If you have any ideas or opinions about this new venture please let me know. I'm all about my readers and making you happy, one random blog post at a time. :) 

1 comment:

  1. this is great!! I'm glad you are doing what makes you happy!