February 18, 2011

Character Development

Tonight's topic is about Character Development. I want to start a book but do I create the character or the plot first? I'm just not sure where to start.

I personally believe I could create a character and set her in a place to make things happen to her. I've already chose the gender of my character as you can tell because I feel I will be better able to fully develop a female character first and in the future develop a male character as my writing becomes more practiced.

So who is she, is she me, is she someone I wish I could be? To develop my protagonist I need to ask my writer self questions about her, like I would ask questions about anyone I'm interested in.

What's her name, what does she look like, what are her hobbies? Is she young or old, what ethnicity does she identify with? Will I like her, will other people like her? Is she the hero or is she the villain? Is she a wife, is she a mother, does she have brothers, sisters, are her parents still living? What is her job, does she have a job, is she looking for a job? You get where I'm going with this. I just need to make her as real and as accessible as possible to my readers.

She will be my first character ever, my possible bread and butter, my possible dream come true. She will be the first hole in the cubicle walls around me.  


  1. I am not a fiction writer by any means, but it seems logical what you said--that character development is the most important thing. However, you might be helped along if you think of a few plot scenarios. You might know who you want this character to be by thinking of how she will react to situations. Say something tragic happens--do you want a brave, take charge character or someone emotional and in need of rescuing? (I personally want you write a romance novel, but that's just me....lol!)

  2. You are so a fiction writer. Remember that book you were writing. I really wish you would finish it!! You're right I should start thinking of a few plots and I have!! Read the new blog to find out!! BTW, thank you so much for keeping up with my blogs, it means a lot to me!!