February 22, 2011

Plot Scenario

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I sure did and it was so hard to go back to the 9 to 5, but we have too, even the little ones. I think Maria has an even longer day than I do. :( Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 


Have any of you ever seen the show "Who do you think you are?" If not, get your butt in front of a computer and go to NBC to watch the full episodes, they are riveting. This show follows around celebrities who are trying to discover/unravel they're ancestry taking them to far off places and somehow resolving the age old question "who am I?" 

So this got me thinking, what about a book with a similar plot. Is this type of self discovery tapped out in the publishing industry, is my own "Who am I" journey something I could write about and captivate readers? Could this turn into my story?

For a while now I've been interested in finding out who my ancestors are. I have used the free trials on ancestry.com but can only go so far before my time is up. Maybe there is a story in my familial history I could write about, so many maybes and yet nothing concrete, this is where I find myself and the end of the trial and here I am again, only this time it's my blog.

See I told you Jul, a freshly pressed blog to read first thing in the morn!

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  1. Hi, very nice start, you will soon find your calling, it will reach out and grab you, then you'll be on your way. People like for others to experience things first, so that would be a good start..