February 9, 2011

My Declaration

Today I have decided to change my life. I’m not going to do anything drastic but I will be making changes that will bring me closer to my dreams, closer to myself.

The first step is to pledge myself to these changes, so here is my pledge(s).
  • I pledge to follow my dreams, wherever they may take me.
  • I pledge to write, write, and write.
  • I pledge to be more than I am.
What are my dreams, what are my goals? Well I have so many it’s hard to discern but the one that is at the forefront of my mind is to write, to become a writer, to make my mark on the minds of young readers, of old readers, of those in between. I want to teach others with my words and I want to learn from theirs. I want to leave a literary legacy for my daughter, something she can be proud of. I want to be a voice for my generation, a voice for my gender, and a voice for my culture. 

Right here, right now is my declaration, my promise, to myself and to my family.

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