February 10, 2011

Dreams a Brewing

Well my momentum is still up or is it still building, either way I'm back to writing today. Yesterday was my crazy epiphany day, as you can tell by my crazed blurb about pledging and changes. Today I'm a little more realistic, a little more calm, but still motivated to say the least. So today's goal is to brainstorm about topics to write about for my first book. You notice how I said "first" book, that's right people; I plan on writing more than one. Maybe I need to write a series of books on one topic or is that too Twilight?

Speaking of Twilight isn't Stephanie Meyer totally freaking lucky. She just dreamed up those books and now..., well you know the rest.

Okay back to brainstorming:

So I had this dream once about the world ending and everyone I loved being engulfed in this warm, welcoming, cozy ball of flames. Walking into the fire just felt right and it's almost like the fire grew hands and slowly guided me into it and willfully I went. I knew that everyone who mattered to me in this life was gone and that I should be with them and so I went and I didn't feel bad about it, I didn't feel like I was giving up or that I was maybe going to hell rather than heaven. I truly felt a sort of peace, or a weight being lifted. And I knew that everything would be okay because I would see everyone again, they would be right there waiting for me.

So now that you're all thoroughly freaked out because I dreamed this and because I may just be a little crazy, what do you think? Is this a good starting point, could this be something I could right about? Would people be interested or should I just not care what other people think and write it because I find it interesting?

Well that's my brainstorming session for today and I think I really made some headway.

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