February 25, 2011

New School!

Maybe I should write a book about how to find the perfect school for your toddler because, I JUST DID!! Okay so she currently goes to a good school but I thought we needed to get more out of it for the money we were paying so I did a little research and I viola, we have found a jewel!

Springstone Montessori School is awesome, just awesome. First we had to get buzzed in, which is great because weirdos can't just walk in and then the director was super nice and the facilities...oh the facilities, it was so cute, so inviting, and Maria lit up when she saw all the colors.

They have surveillance cameras and the price is about 10 bucks cheaper a month than we pay now. The registration fee was very doable and the teachers were so nice. I'm just all around pleased! She will start on April 4th so I need to let her current school know, which is gonna be tough. She loves her teachers and I imagine the first few weeks are gonna be tough but this is a good move for her and for us.

Here's to new schools!!


  1. Life is full of changes! Its better for her learn to be well adjusted and accept change early on! She will make the best of it.

  2. I agree, and if you saw this school you would agree that it is really awesome!! You'll be able to pop in on her too, she'll be so close to your work too!