March 1, 2011

Today's Events Told as a Short Story

-Money Changes Everything-
She was a little timid and a little afraid of the confrontation but she knew she had to do it. She needed to break the news to Maria’s beloved teacher that she would no longer be attending the glorified daycare.
Yes they called it a Montessori school but it was more of a zoo, a place where parents, caring or not, dumped their children. They played outside 2 hours a day; they came home sunburned even when sun block was provided. Maria came home multiple times with scratches on her face, twice by another child and once by an evil rose bush. Why they didn’t get rid of the rosebush, she couldn’t understand. Maria’s mother did not just dump her there, she lingered every morning, making sure her little one ate breakfast, making sure the teachers knew she was there. Maria’s mother made every attempt to make The Children’s House Montessori School the place she wanted it to be.  
She wanted it to be a great school, a school where Maria could thrive and in a sense she did. As an only child Maria loved the interaction with the other two year olds. She loved her Mrs. Ruthie too, but it was time to move on to begin anew at an accredited Montessori school, a school where the money was worth it, an actual school.
Maria’s mama walked in; set up Maria’s breakfast and then handed the dreaded letter to Mrs. Ruthie, the disenrollment letter. The letter was nice enough it didn’t say the school was a rip off, it didn’t say there are too many kids to one teacher, it didn’t say that sometimes it smelled like baby poop in the morning, it only stated the reason for leaving was location and for the most part that is true.
“Hi Mrs. Ruthie, did you get the email I sent you?” “No what’s going on?” She hands her the letter, Mrs. Ruthie’s face crinkles and the wrinkles in her face are even more present, even deeper, and maybe even a little angry. “Well we’re going to miss our Maria, where are you sending her?” “Springstone!”  Mrs. Ruthie then makes a gasping sound and then almost like she hadn’t had the knee jerk reaction at all, “well she’s a good girl and quiet, they’ll just leave her in a corner and ignore her.” Rebecca was instantly worried and she probed Mrs. Ruthie for more information, she needed to know what she knew. “What do you mean, what do you know?” Mrs. Ruthie like a school girl gossiping in the hallways, “well it’s just I’ve heard some things and I’ve had some children come to our school from Springstone, but you’ll know, you’ll know when Maria starts to act out and begins to withdraw.” Rebecca is surprised and sad and questioning if she’s doing the right thing, says “Well it looks like a wonderful school and my dad really liked it, he came with me because I needed another set of eyes.” What location are you sending her to?” The Randolph location.” “Oh well I haven’t heard anything about that location, only the Paradise one. Well good luck and we’ll be here when you want to come back.”
Rebecca is looking at her Maria as she finishes her breakfast when Mrs. Ruthie grabs her hand and says “if you feel okay with it, then go with the gas prices and be sure that Maria doesn’t take this as punishment or that this is her fault in anyway.” Rebecca is shocked, thinking “why would she take it that way, why would Mrs. Ruthie give her this guilt trip, why is she being so evil and manipulative?” Because in the end it’s a business, they’re losing money and Maria suddenly turns into a customer, not the cute little Maria Tortilla, but 569.00 bucks a month.


  1. I would like to state that Mrs. Ruthie has apologized but subsequently Maria has been taken out of the school. Mrs. ruthie is a great teacher and she made a mistake, I accept her apology but I will keep the post because it is a practice in writing.

  2. I'm glad that she apologized and I'm sorry that the entire thing was so traumatic!

  3. Yes traumatic is the word!!

  4. Rebecca, I've heard wonderful things about Springstone! I looked into sending Saul there too, but the price tag is a little steep for me! However, with everything in raising a child, you will always question yourself and the decisions you make for your child and their future and because you do that, that makes you an awesome mom! Maria Tortilla will adjust to anywhere she goes and she's going to love it because she's going to meet new friends and learn tons of stuff!!!! Don't fret, make a decision and stick with it!

  5. Thank you so much ED! Maria had an awesome first day of school and we're so happy we made the switch.

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  7. Hey Kat, no I couldn't figure out a way to make this post private, have any ideas?