March 16, 2011

And so the search continues!

So it turns out we are not related to the famed Explorer Coronado but that has led to more questions. Who is Francisco Pacheco, Ana Ortiz Pacheco’s father? Why would so many books, and historical records confuse him as having the direct blood line of Coronado, why can’t I find his parents, why, why, why? That is my mantra these days and I even dreamed about it last night.
My dream consisted of faces resembling my family, they were my ancestors. They were standing in a line and I was checking them off, making sure I had gotten them all. They waited patiently for me to come to them and say “check, I found your mother and father, now I can continue my search.” I think I’m boarder line obsessed.
So my search continues, I’m still working on my grandfather’s lineage and next will be my grandmother’s. I think I need to start venturing away from the internet for my research and head to the Main Library to review their genealogical records. I will have to hit up the Hispanic Cultural Center too. I hear churches are a great place to find records also; they keep baptismal records for generations.
Also my mom gave me a great idea last night, and I didn’t fully appreciate it till this morning, she said “why don’t you go backwards.” I could do this to double check my findings. Maybe it’ll answer some questions about the mysterious Francisco Pacheco.


  1. This is so awesome Becca, i cant wait to hear more about all you have found!

  2. That is spiffy B, I always wondered about that website, churches are great too. I am curious now about Francisco, and I love saying that name, Francisco.... Francisco... ^___^ I'm off to sleep again. -k@

  3. @ Jul: I know it's so cool, I think we need to take a trip to the Hispanic Cultural Center to get more info!

    @Kat: You're so funny, I read your comment to my hubby and he's the one that totally called it, ELF!!