March 18, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are Continues

I'm searching and searching and I've definitely determined that I need to get my booty over to the National Hispanic Cultural Center to get more answers. 

I was bombarded with so much info, and with more info comes more questions, that I had to start my search over. I've started a fresh tree and I'm really analyzing the Census records, the birth, death, and marriage indexes along with any other documentation I find. 

Right now I'm not only stuck on Francisco but I'm also stuck on Cristobal Baca, not the captain, or his grandson but a third Cristobal, you see how this can get confusing. I'm not entirely sure I have the correct names of his parents and I can't understand some of the writing on the census to determine his wife's name. Ugh this is getting tough but also a lot more fun. I'm on a treasure hunt of sorts, I'm investigating. I find myself staying up late, checking dates, double checking names, and then ultimately dreaming about it. 

Again, I had a dream last night that my ancestors were waiting in line to talk to me. They had information to share, they were trying to set the record straight for me. I even dreamt that one of my ancestors looked like Capt. Hook, TOTALLY WEIRD!! 

So my search will continue, my late nights are not going away any time soon and I will happily dream about my family. 

On a side note: I saw a muchacho on a horse and wait for it..........he was talking on his cell phone. These cowboys are getting pretty modern!!

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