March 28, 2011

Real Momma, Real Style - The Plus Size Way

So I'm trying something new today, something out of my safe little box, I'm doing Real Momma, Real Style thanks to Nina from Momma Go Round! I've been following Nina's Monday styles for a while now and I love everything she wears but there was one shirt/cardi combo I just had to have!

Cardigan Old Navy, Flowery Shirt Old Navy, Dark Wash, Bootcut Jeans JMS from Wal-Mart, Sandals Wal-Mart

Cardigan Old Navy, Shirt Old Navy (I am not pregnant!)
I love this Cardigan mostly because of the color and the Flowery Shirt is just so comfy, loose and springy! I am so happy Old Navy carries Plus size clothing!

Here is another Cardigan/Shirt Combo I purchased from Old Navy:

This is a "boyfriend" style Cardigan from Old Navy, White ruffle sleeve shirt is from Old Navy
So There is my Real Momma, Real Style Numero Uno (#1). I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think, I'll take all the feedback I can get!

Momma Go Round


  1. You look great! Love the outfits! I love Old Navy too!

  2. Oh my gosh, they look so cute on you! I'm so happy you got them...the bright colors are just stunning. Congrats girl, you rock!

  3. i love those cardigans. gorgeous.

  4. love it! florals and cardigans are some of my faves. woo hoo! PS: Nina rocks, doesn't she? :)

  5. this is beautiful! you LOOK beautiful! I found you throug momma go round :)

  6. visiting from momma go look amazing! great way to make those color combos work!

  7. Very nice! I am a fan of Old Navy, too, and also have that sweater. Great combination!!

  8. Awesome clothes! I need to get some new pants.