March 26, 2011

Where Did My Angel Go?

Let me preface this post with "Maria went to bed late last night and woke up super early, so she's just tired right? Oh and she's 2!

Maria was uber bossy today. She got in her stroller and said "get my totos (shoes) NOW mama!" She kept saying it over and over again. Her daddy woke up upset upon hearing this and proceeded to have a little talk with her and then there it was..."Shut up daddy!" Then I butted in and said you don't say that to your daddy and then she said "shut up mama!" Riley and I just looked at eachother, amused but also very upset. She got a spanking for it but that never seems to work, if anything it made it worse. She kept on being demanding and Daddy said "Maria you say please!" Then she turned around and looked him straight in the eye and said "na-uh, I don't want to say please" and proceeded to walk away. 


To say the least I feel like a crappy parent because she had to have learned this somewhere and I know where she learned the "shut up", from me. I always say it to Riley when he's messing with me, it's never in anger, just being playful and now Maria is using it. But the total disregard for manners, I have no idea. Not wanting to say please, I have no clue. 

What do I do? Is this because she's two and moody and "testing the waters" as my mother says? BTW my mom and dad always say "is this normal, why is she like that, you guys (me, my brother, and my sister) never acted like that." Way to make me feel better mom and dad! Now you think my kid is abnormal. 

Then Maria says I want to take a bath, so she goes into the bathroom, disrobes, de-pampers and waits for me to turn on the water. Then she's yelling at me saying "I WANT TO GO TO NANA AND TATA'S NOW" I yell back "NO, you're going to take a nap!" and just as I'm yelling back at her my folks walk in and hear everything and when I walk into the hallway they just look shocked. I tell them what's been going on and again my mom says "You guys were never like that." and I say "well maybe we were the exception!" So now with them there, she wants to go with them, and I have to be the bad guy and say no you have to take a nap and ALL of them just look at me like "WHY?" Ugh, can't freaking win! 

So they leave, a little unimpressed with my parenting skills, I'm sure! And now the house is quiet, she's napping. I hope she wakes up in a good mood, no I pray she does, divine intervention is needed!  

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  1. Dude, she's just being a bossy brat. It's not your parenting. You did the right thing by not giving into her demands to go with nana & tata. She has to learn that having everything you want and being spoiled are different--you don't want her to be spoiled.

    PS: It has been many years since you were her age...I will place a $4,000 bet right now that your mama called her mama saying "MY DAUGTHER IS BEING SUCH A BRAT RIGHT NOW HELP!!!!" at least once! She just can't remember.