March 25, 2011

The Stages of Overeaters Grief; Satisfied, Shocked, Denile, Depressed

I love Vietnamese food, I’ve actually just discovered this and now I’m addicted. But there’s a problem; I’m on Weight Watcher’s. So today, being payday, I wanted to eat out, my coworker, Steph, said let’s go to Café Trang. I jumped at the chance thinking I could pick something fairly healthy. I get online to check their menu before we hit the road. Yum, I’m going to have the Bánh Hỏi Thịt Nướng (Steamed Vermicelli patties with Grilled Pork). Doesn’t sound bad does it? I have a spring roll for an appetizer, I eat my meal and I’m so full and happy.
I come back to work, do a little research just to find out I ONLY have 4 freaking points left for dinner. GRRRR, I can’t believe I just used 28 points for lunch. Those little rice patties pack a punch to the gut. So just to be sure I was getting as close to the actual points as possible, wait for it ……………………………………… I called the restaurant. I know pretty pathetic huh?!
I asked them how many patties they gave me and how many ounces of meat I ate. They answered the questions nicely but I’m sure they thought I was a little obsessive, crazy, and panicked.
So here’s the damage: I ate
·        8 “little” vermicelli noodle patties,
·        4-6 oz of caramelized grilled pork, and
·        1 Spring roll with pork and shrimp
for a grand total of 28 points!!

Ugh, tonight’s gonna suck!

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