April 11, 2011

In 4 short Years

I had to get my drivers license renewed today and I LOOK LIKE CRAP!!!

I showed it to my husband along with my old drivers license and he laughed and said this is what marriage and kids will do to you, it was mean but way too freaking funny to punish him for it. So here it is, laugh all you want, this is what 4 short years will do to your face!

2011 (this is the temp ID so the official will be in color, I'll post it when I get it)

I would like to state in my defense that the woman was rushed and mean. She said, without taking a breath, "take off your glasses, stand in the yellow box, look at the camera, I'll meet you at the counter."


  1. Huh, 2007 you looked 'childish' but now you look mature and more 'womanish' if that makes sense. Mean ladies are gr.

  2. bwahahahahahahahaha. You don't look like crap, but you look like you wanna cut me! ha ha ha ha. Why no smile? She didn't tell you to smile? It's not a bad picture hon. Just evil. :)

  3. Why take off the glasses? That's funny. But I kinda agree with Morgan. You don't look bad at all...just pissed off. Perhaps at the mean lady?

  4. @Kat: Thanks for saying I look OLD! LOL!

    @Morgan: I look I just got picked up from an all girl gang fight, seriously I lean like a chola! I would have loved to have had the chance to smile but this lady was no nonsense!

    @Debbie: They make you tak off your glasses because NM is doing this facial recognition thing for the cards now.