April 18, 2011

It's Official...

I am the worst dog mama ever!! Let me preface what I'm about to confess by saying, I thought Riley had already done it!!

So it's 9:00, I'm laying down with Maria so she can get to sleep when I don't hear it, the digging, his pan of food moving along the rocks, his tail hitting the house, his howling, his barking...OH CRAP!!

Yup Tommy, aka Tom Tom, was still in his crate. I don't even want to share with you the amount of hours he was in there but I feel terrible. I could have sworn Riley let him out this morning but it's my fault, I was home sick today and didn't even notice.

Maria finally fell asleep at 9:15, I run to the garage door and there he is standing in his crate, wondering what he did wrong. He looked so sad, so defeated and he was dancing, more like prancing because my poor boy had to pee. That's right he did not pee in his cage, he did not poop, he just held it, he just sat there waiting and waiting.

He'll be staying out tonight to enjoy the night air and I'll be calling the animal humane society on myself, no need to do it my loyal followers.

Signing off,

the worst dog mama ever

As a puppy

A Big Boy 2009 ( I don't even have a current picture of him, I suck!)


  1. LOL you don't suck! I've done that before. Many a times actually! We just get so wrapped up and forget. If they aren't in our faces, it's hard to remember right?!

  2. What a beautiful dog because of the love he gets from you, Riley, and Maria. You do not suck! Nobody is perfect. You are so full of love!! Where would we all be without you?! (Yvonne)

  3. Wow Becca, I’m appalled, poor Tom Tom, I will be picking him up and sending him to a better home. That’s just horrible, he had the benefit of a stay at home parent that day, and you forgot him, you shattered his dreams and hopes. Just goes to show you, how much you pay attention to him, when he is outside.....Give him up, it’s the best thing now.

  4. You do not suck! You are human and we forget things, He was ok- now you will be more careful and check on him even when you think Riley has let him out. We are our worst critics and we need to forgive ourselves sometimes. You are a great dog mommy! :)

  5. I've left Artie in her kennel all day once, she retaliated by learning how to open the door. I felt bad about leaving her in the kennel all day but now with the casita, she’s never in a kennel, she sleeps either on my bed or under it. Ahriman sleeps on my bed or by the front door. ^__^ No worries, as long as your dog knows you love him, he’ll forgive you. They are gracious that way.

  6. You all are so sweet, except Anonymous, aka Julie (she's my sister if you were wondering)!!

    I will be spoiling the heck out of my Tommy to make up for my failure.

  7. Muuuaaahhahahahahah!