April 14, 2011

I don't understand...

Dear God, 

There have been some terrible things happening in the world today but in my little corner of the universe a little boy was killed in the most gruesome and horrific way possible. I won't go into details because you already know what happened, in fact you "knew" what was going to happen to him, and therein lies my question, why?

Why did you allow this to happen?

Why did you give this little boy to these awful people?

I know that even if you could give me an answer, I would just have more questions. 

I've always believed that things happen for a reason but I can't imagine any reason in the world why this would happen to an innocent child.

Lord, I have placed my faith in you and I know that this little boy is in your hands and being cared for the way he should have been in the first place but can you answer this one prayer; please don't let this happen again. Please help all the other children who are currently in violent homes, find peace and comfort. Every child should be loved, should be hugged, should be kissed and should be cuddled. The hands that hold them tonight should be kind, should be gentle, and should be trusted. 



Dear Readers,

If you must know what happened, here is the link, be prepared to question, to cry, and for your heart to ache.




  1. This is horrible! I agree, I can never wrap my brain around things like this. I'm with you, why?

  2. i cannot believe this. so so sad :( that little precious baby is safe now

  3. Ugh, that is terrible. I will never understand how someone could abuse a helpless child. It makes me sick.