April 25, 2011

Oh Weight Watchers Please Keep Me Motivated!!

Happy Belated Easter Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with family, love, and gratitude.

Here we are on Easter, we're pretty cute right...I think so!

Anyway... I've been really bad about tracking my food, sometimes I go a day or two and I haven't logged a single food item into my Weight Watchers tracker. On March 13th when I embarked on my life change I was diligent, obsessed, I didn't miss a single food and now my motivation is waning. I'm losing this battle but I will tell you this, I will not lose the war. Come my 30th birthday I will be in a bathing suit and looking like a whole lot of hotness!!

So the last two weigh ins I've gained weight and it stops now! I will not allow myself to backslide. I will allow myself to make mistakes but I will learn from them and I have but I need some help, I need some motivation, how do I keep tracking, how do I gain back the motivation? Help, I need words of encouragement, I need advice, help me get back on track!!


what to do???


  1. I know girl I'm in the same boat. It's hard to keep track of every little thing you put into your mouth alongside of planning meals etc. Just remember it's a lifestyle change and not a diet :) WE can do this!!

  2. Right there with you girl! I stop logging points and just write down what I eat then I stop doing that and just watch what I eat and then I just fall off the wagon all together.
    I am praying for you to get back on track and stay motivated and to be rocking that bathing suit at 30!!

    Kacy @ www.butterfliesbowscamouflage.blogspot.com