April 28, 2011

Stress Seminar

So my workplace was offering a stress management presentation today that I had not planned on attending but my good buddy and coworker, Steph, talked me into it and boy was I happy she did. So we got a lot of good handouts but here are the most important items I took away from it:

10 tips for stress-less parenting (see photo)

And understanding the triple A approach (see photo)

So there you go, hope you find it helpful!!

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  1. RE: #5 There was a medical study a few years ago that said counting fast hels you calm down more than counting slow.

    RE: #6 I had a friend whenever she'd get angry with her daughter they'd do a 'hand-hug' pressing their left hands together and folding over the thumbs and they'd hand-hug until she calmed down and they could talk things through. I thought it was so silly at first but their relationship was amazing.

    ... v.v I wanted to go to the stress thingy- especially since yesterday was KILLER STRESS FOR ME.... *deep breath* ok... ok... I need to knit, or practice violin.