May 2, 2011

Craptastic Crafts - #1

Okay remember like  20 posts ago I was talking about doing crafts, well I finally completed my first craft. It took a totally different direction than originally planned but I'm uber happy with the turn out. So here it is. I've included a tutorial so that you can make the flowers yourself. Have fun doing this, I know I did and it was super cheap, seriously like 3 bucks cheap!

What you'll need:

  • Construction Paper (Dollar Tree)
  • Foam wreath (Dollar Tree) 
  • Pins (I already had these)
  • Yarn (I found this in my closet)
  • Elmer's Glue or any glue for that matter (I used Maria's)
  • Stickers (Dollar Tree)
  • Paint (When they built our house, they left the extra)
  • Paint brush (Home builder's left this)
Draw a swirl on a sheet of construction paper, completely filling up the page:

I used a black pen for this tutorial only, I used a light colored pencil so the outline wouldn't show up. 

Don't worry if your swirl isn't perfect, I discovered the more jagged and uneven the better the roses look!

After your swirl is completely cut out begin to roll it together:

After you're done swirling glue the circle at the end of your swirl at the bottom of your rose.

This is what your rose should look like:

This was my first rose so it looked like crap, but the more I did the better they looked.

Now here is where my craft changed. I was going to fill up my entire foam wreath with these cute little roses but after doing about 10 they weren't so cute anymore and I was just tired of making them. So I left my craft alone for about a month and while I was cleaning out my closet yesterday I found white yarn and suddenly I was inspired.

Wrap your foam wreath with yarn:

After you're done wrapping the wreath arrange your roses any way you like with pins. 

I love the way the yellow pins look in the center of each rose. 

I hung this on my door and again that's where my little craft continued onto my front door.

First I cleaned my door and then painted it with the original color and then I added these cute little stickers I found at the Dollar Tree.

And here is the finished product! I love my door!

Maria loved it!!

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  1. This is so pretty--hard to believe those flowers are paper! The painted flowers are so pretty, too! ;)

  2. I saw this the other day but forgot to post ^__^ those are amazing. I wanna try this... but first, gotta get ready for work! Whats your next craft??