May 5, 2011

The Zumba Mamacita!

So I've been MIA because I have a new addiction. It's taking time away from my family, I haven't seem my folks in days (I would usually see them at least 5 times a week) and the house is messier than usual, I'm just coo coo for ZUMBA!!

So my Zumba journey started last week on Thursday and I immediately fell head over heels. I loved the instructor, so energetic, so loving what she does. I loved all the dance moves, I loved that I sweated (is that a word?) buckets, but mostly what I loved was the results, the mental and physical. I left there with so much energy that I went home, made dinner, and went for a 20 minute walk with the fam. Plus I was just so happy and relaxed.

The next class I went to was on Tuesday night and that one was fun too but I missed the energy the first instructor had.

So then the cosmos aligned and there was a Living Social deal for ZUMBA in Albuquerque, WTH, how did they know!! So I spent 15 bucks for 6 classes at Salsa Baby Dance Studio and I also bought one for my sister too, she has to get in on this action.

Yes I've only been to two classes but sometimes just one try can make you an addict right??!! So the ultimate pay off was on Sunday when I went to weight in, I lost 3.6 pounds. Yes I'm following my WW plan pretty solidly but I think sweating buckets at Zumba on Thursday night really helped seal the deal.

So here's to my healthy new addiction.

Just call me The ZUMBA Mamacita!!


  1. I almost bought that same deal! Sounds like fun:).

  2. I found you from Real Mom, Real style. And I LOVE your blog. I'm officially a follower now. ;)

  3. @Alison: Zumba is so fun but it wasn't so much fun at the Dance Studio.

    @Mary: WELCOME!! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog, I love having new readers.