April 6, 2011


It looks like the government is gonna force me to take an early vacation if they don't figure out this whole budget issue. I'm all for staying home, but without pay, no way. I did hear that we could possibly get backpay and if that's the case you'll find me at the park with Maria or on the couch watching Dora, either way I need the break.

If the crazies in Washington do get their heads together then I have already planned to take a vacation from May 25th through May 30th to...SAN DIEGO, CA!!!

I plan on spending most of our vaycay on the beach!
We're so excited and really looking forward to it. I've been looking up flights, hotels, and car rentals and so far I'm finding some fairly reasonable prices.

I'm really excited about this trip because I was born in San Diego but I have very little memory of my life there. I definitely remember the beach, I remember seeing dark foggy objects way off in the distant ocean and I remember my dad telling me they were navy ships. He knew this because he was the sole reason I was born there, he was a sailor. Another perk is my Godmother lives there, two birds with one stone! 

So that's my blog tonight, nothing big, just excited to take a break, whether it's next week or in 2 months.

So how about you all, any vacations on the horizon?


  1. Well, we recently went to Disney World and it was uh-mazing.... I've always wanted to go to CA though! Maybe one day I will :)

    I will be jealous of you though sitting on the beach :) You best take some pictures so I can live vicariously through you! ;)

  2. I love vacations, took va-k in Florida last christmas, went to disney world and had fun. Want to go on vacation without the family though. :)

  3. How fun!!!! I can't wait for you to take a vacay!