March 7, 2011


For my birthday I decided to pamper myself with a pedicure and an eyebrow wax so I went yesterday to the Regal Nails in the Wal-Mart near my house. The woman who did my nails was named Baba she was a tiny Asian woman with long dark hair, cute glasses and HIGH heels. She smiled at me but didn't talk much. Riley and Maria were shopping and when they were finished they came by to check on me.

I was talking to Maria and reassuring her that everything was okay because she looked really freaked out, like this woman was hurting me so I just kept telling her "mama's okay." Baba turns around and saw Riley and looked at me and said "Is that yo husband?'and I said yes and she didn't say anything to me at all instead she nudged her friend with her elbow and started speaking Chinese and all I could pick out of the jumble of chinglish (I just coined this) was "he same size, she same size!" and they proceeded to giggle. Okay clearly they were making fun of the fat Americans, ugh annoyed. Then Baba asked "You want flowa?" and I said sure, well next time I need to be a bit more specific, instead of the cute little daisy I imagined my big toe would be adorned with it was a FREAKING MURAL. She whipped out neon green, hot pink, silver glitter, canary yellow and then finally white, the one thing I had asked for, a simple white flower. Does this look like a simple white flower???????!!!!!!!

Then it was time for my eyebrow waxing: "You want eyebrow?" yes please, "How bout yo uppa lip?" No I don't want my upper lip waxed, but thank you for pointing that out.

Thank you so much Baba!
Thank you for making fun of mine and my husband’s fatness and thank you for telling me about my hairy upper lip, here is your 5 dollar tip.
Such a pushover...bleh!!!


  1. Let me state for the record that my toes look pretty from up here but when I took this picture I was just as disgusted as you might be. LOL

    Seriously I can't stop laughing!

  2. WHOA!!!! Zoom out! zoom out!