March 8, 2011

First Day Jitters Turned First Day Sighs of Releif

All you mama's know how scary it is to leave your children in the hands of a stranger for the first time and I had to do that today. Maria started her new school today and we were all a little apprehensive. My Maria was concerned, I could see it in her eyes when I told her 
"give mama kiss!" 
That statement alone has been goodbye for us for the last 7 months., whenever I said it she knew I was leaving and today was even harder because she was in a new place. 

I dropped her off at 8:00 we hung out till 8:20, I was at work at 8:30 and calling her school an hour later to see how my boo was doing. "
"Oh she's doing great, she ate well at breakfast, is participating in circle time and fitting right in!" 
I feel so relieved hearing this, I pass the news along to her daddy who was waiting anxiously by his phone for the message. Got a text from Riley at 12:15, call and check on the baby, okay I'm on it. 
"Hi, hold on one sec." 
her teacher gets on the phone, 
"she is crying right now because it's nap time and she's having a hard time because she's in a new place, I'm holding her, rubbing her back, and rubbing her head to help her rest." 
I send Riley the news via text and he's ready to go pick her up, we text back and forth about how we need to stay strong and we need to let her get used to it. We sit and wait, I call again an hour later.
"She's asleep now and doing just fine!"
Again the news is sent across Verizon wireless airwaves, little happy droid smiley faces all around!

I'm out the door at 4:30 to go pick up my Maria, I get there and she is so happy and having so much fun, ahh I can relax, she's smiling, my stomach stops turning, she yells "MY MAMA!" upon locating me, ahh my heart is filled with joy and I wonder why such a small word can have so much meaning.

Mama and daddy are happy and most of all our Maria tortilla is happy!

This morning before school; all smiles!

This afternoon after being picked up from school; all smiles!

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