March 9, 2011


I don't even know where to begin to write a novel, I have no stinking idea what I even want to write about. I play around with different scenarios in my head but none of them seem to go any further than that.

I do have this one idea and I thought it would be kind of fun, but it seems more fitting for a blog that a book, but here it goes. So I'm not in the least bit crafty and I so want to be. I so want to be able to quilt like my mother-in-law does, I would love to embroider like my aunt, and I would love to be able to decorate a home like my mom can, but I just don't have that crafty gene, so I'm thinking about doing one craft a week, maybe one craft a month and I'll document my "crap crafts" or "crafty crap," I'm still working on the title.

You see, I go to all these crafty blogs like and all I do is call these women horrible names, I imagine them having no life at all, they're single, no kids, no job, they just sit around all day creating the most beautiful crafts in the world and then I go their bio, expecting a line or two when suddenly I'm reading paragraphs about their loaded husbands, their 10 kids, homeschooling all those kids, couponing, blogging, and all the while still managing to be creative crafttards. Ugh I'm so jealous!

So here it goes, here is where my crappy crafts series begins, once a month you will see an attempt at being freaking crafty, even if it kills me. Success or fail I will post a picture of my craft. I will warn you now, there's gonna be a lot of crappy crafts to look at.

So funny, I just had to share.


  1. Hey your picture isnt working.

  2. Don't be jealous, they have garbage just like the rest of us! You just need to find a craft that meets your interest and if you can't find one, just blog all your snarky comments for the rest of us to read!

  3. Ever try photography? -k@

  4. OOPs sorry everyone let me try that picture again, thanks for the heads up Jul!

    Thank you Anonymous for calling my comments snarky, I love it and that's exactly what I was going for!

    No Kat I haven't tried it but I'd love to give it a shot!