April 1, 2011



What I mean by VIP is that Fashion Bug just upgraded my credit card to VIP status, I don't know how and I don't know why but it's a pretty silver card and it has my name on it.

For my birthday I went shopping at Fashion Bug and they asked me if I wanted to try and get a credit card, I said sure and right then and there I was approved, so they immediately gave me a discount and then put my charges on the card, I actually had no idea they were going to do this but they did and since I had the money to make my purchases right then, I paid it off within days. Then all of a sudden I get a letter from them in the mail and there it was, my VIP status. So I just called and activated it and now I have 500 bucks to spend on clothes, well sort of. I'm kind of scared to use it, I'm afraid if I do I won't be able to stop and then I could get into big trouble.....ahhhh! But I'm gonna do it anyway. I need some more clothes for my Real Mama, Real Style - The Plus Size Way Mondays. Don't worry Nina (Momma Go Round), I won't go hog wild and I will stay financially responsible.

In other news, I HAVE A WALKING PARTNER! Mary, my neighbor, came over the other day and asked if I would like to start walking with her on Saturday mornings, uh absolutely!! This is really the next step in my healthy lifestyle change. WW is going fantastic, 8 pounds down so far and I have weigh in on Sunday morning. I'm hoping to round it out at a total of 10 pounds lost, so here we go, fingers crossed for 2+ pounds lost. And now with the exercising, I'm sure my weight loss will continue.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend, I hope all of you starting or continuing a healthy lifestyle change are successful and keep motivated, and I hope all those Real Mommas with Real Style link up with Nina on Monday!!

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